About Us

After working in the construction industry for over a decade starting in the early twenties. From a foreman position with an underground pipeline company in the early twenties. Superintendent for a national home builder. Union Carpenter local 1977.

To operations official manager and having the honor to spearhead some of the largest trade shows in the world early thirties. Conventions from Orgil, MinExpo, CES (consumer electronic show) and many more.

Robert had seen the impact on how businesses had to shut their doors due to economic impact. Therefore, business school was a necessary and a priority. The next step was software development and creating something for the convenience of business owners to automate their tech services.

Social Ubiquity was first known as Rock Coconut starting in 2014 with an emphasis in Java development and applications. Now with a business and tech education, I need to get into real time internet space.

Moving onto a local Las Vegas internet provider as a lead programmer, Understanding microwave technology and combining new developed skills in wireless networks and software engineering. Social Ubiquity was now independent and ready for new business.

Walking through business parks and construction yards, especially mid summer in Las Vegas, NV. Where Robert and Dilyara with Laptop in hand and free WiFi at every library. Where every resource was for all aspiring owners.

As Social Ubiquity continues to grow with the amazing staff of engineers, marketers, designers, artists, and consultants.

Social Ubiquity has become the internet marketing agency headquartered in Miami, FL as a great company to work with. With supreme customer service and professional staff, our production quality supersedes the industry norms.